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News Update: Leno’s story breaks out on Autoblog

One of the most popular automotive blogs/sites online caught the story.  Jay Leno opened tons of doors!  Check out how the AB Crew really felt about the Prong 3.


Cool Stories From NBC Bay News

Check Out This Article Now


Check It Out: Review on Jay Leno’s Garage

Let’s see what Jay Leno has to say about his drive with the Prong 3! Yep you know it, Jay Leno is definitely the nicest guy ever!


Prong Motors: Reviews On

You got to check it out!  The guys from said they’ll be using videos on their site and elsewhere. Congrats to the win.


More News: Showing SPEED TV!

Featuring a show about the Can-Am Spyders on SPEED TV.  Test Drives with Tommy Kendall have already aired and already ripped up the mountains with Townsend Bell!

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